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About Us

Kanapè (from Greek καναπέ) represents the word with which the sofa is indicated in the Hellenic world.

In creating our brand we wanted to pay tribute to the civilization that, with the colonization of Magna Graecia, has directly and indirectly influenced our history through its understanding of culture, philosophy, art, as a symbol of values ​​that are born, they develop and remain time inspiring future generations.

Our way of being Italian springs from all this, from this qualitative perception of reality. Our way of living and feeling beauty and recreating it in everything we do is the fruit of our cultural, artistic and philosophical imprinting.

This is how Made in Italy is born...

Inspired by Greek architecture that responded to precise mathematical and geometric calculations, representing a precise and perfect order in structures and elements, our models have harmonic and essential lines, elegant but also functional.

In a sophisticated combination of history and modernity, tradition and innovation, the research of our designers tends to give refined solutions, through attention to detail and harmony of forms, without neglecting modern living trends.

This is how the KANAPE ’sofa is born.